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This ever evolving Midnight Cry Prophecy Seminar has been effectively shared nearly 30 times to enlighten people about end-time events.  The blend of old-style evangelism with current events creates a dynamic series where longtime members and the newest Christian will all learn something fresh.  Pastor Pepper's energetic approach guarantees these messages won't rust, bust, or collect dust.  You'll be hanging on every word.  Someone once said, "This is like a college level course, except I actually want to take it."  Enjoy!   Then come join us for a powerful worship service every Sabbath!

01-Europe's Last Hour
02-The Time of the Antichrist
03-The Rise of the Beast with the Number 666
04-The Lie Destroying America
05-God's Jurassic Park
06-The Everlasting Covenant
07-Wake Up America
08-When a Woman Will Rule
09-Blind Man's Bluff
10-It's Your Last Chance
11-Does This Millennium Mean Anything?
12-Fire in the Sky
13-Shout of the Lord
14 The Mark of the Beast
15-The Church in the Wilderness
16-The Mercy of God and the End of the World
17-A Wonderful Gift
18-Tell Me How to Find My Loved Ones

If you would like to order copies of individual sermons or the whole set, call 304-992-1815
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