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The Ripple Affect
By Pastor Jason Johnson

Have you ever wondered if what you do for Christ has a lasting affect? Well, the other day I read an article that I think will answer that question. It went like this.
The land of Old Faithful wasn’t always so lush. Two decades ago, Yellowstone National Park was the victim of defoliation, erosion and an unbalanced ecosystem. But in 1995, everything changed.
That was the year wolves were reintroduced to the park. Before then, government predator control programs had all but eliminated the gray wolf from America’s lower 48 states. Consequently, deer and elk populations increased substantially, resulting in overgrazing, particularly of willows and other vegetation important to soil and riverbank structure, leaving the landscape vulnerable to erosion. Without wolves, the entire ecosystem of the park suffered.
When the wolves were brought back to the park, they not only killed elk, but also changed their prey’s behavior patterns. The herbivores started to avoid areas like valleys and gorges where they could be easily hunted by predators. As a result, those areas began to regenerate, and species such as birds, beavers, mice and bears returned. Plant life once again thrived along the riverbanks and erosion decreased significantly. The stabilization of the riverbanks actually made the rivers and streams change course. With the reintroduction of just a small population of wolves, the landscape of the whole park transformed.

                Galatians 6:9 (NKJV) Says,

“And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.”
Just as those who introduced wolves back into Yellowstone National Park had no clue of the affects it would have; we too have no clue of how much our service for Christ will have. But one thing we do know is that it will be the greatest reward ever.